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How To Choose Your Best Domain Name



You can buy this book on Amazon here or you can download your own free copy of the PDF version by right-clicking here and saving it to your computer.

It's best to read all of it from beginning to end, but if you are really pressed for time then make sure you read the chapter called "How People Find Your Website Starts with the Right Domain Name" on page 21.


There is no need to provide your name or email address to get this ebook, but if you want anything related to domain name registration, website design or website hosting then I'd be happy to help. Just send an email to and I'll reply as soon as I can.



Your Perfect Business Website

For our open offer on fantastic high-quality websites at low prices see our Ablesites site. I asked business owners what they wanted in their perfect website. Then I gave them what they wanted ... and more! Then I rationalized the whole process and brought the cost down from $2,000 to $700. What will an Ablesites websites do for your business?


Special Offer

For an extremely high quality website which costs only £47 - how is this possible? Visit our Strongsites service, and you could be the owner of your dream website for very little outlay.



Mini SEO Campaign

Having been an SEO since the last century (true!) I have made some very interesting discoveries and contacts. SEO is traditionally very expensive. But it needn't be!

I will design a bespoke SEO campaign for your website so that it enjoys much higher rankings (therefore visibility, therefore many more visitors) in the search engines results pages for your chosen search term(s).











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